What am I consuming? April 2018

What am I consuming? April 2018

April favourites, wow. Yet another month has gone by, and I don’t know where it’s gone. I swear it was only just New Year’s Eve, are now entering into ‘Summer’. Of course, it’s British summer so there will be lots of rain, mud, and the old heatwave that everybody complains about. That is until it’s raining again, and then we start complaining about that. It’s the British way.

I don’t have too many favourites this month. I think I’ve done too much work to gather more than a few favourites, but the few that I do have I love, and I hope you’ll love them too.

Let’s begin!


I will have a full review up soon but rest assured this has fast become one of my favourite toys. It doesn’t vibrate to a level that hurts my hands, it’s bloody powerful, and it’s purple. If you’ve not picked it up by now – I love purple, and green, but you don’t find many forest green toys.

The Zumio toy is a revelation, and I don’t throw about that word lightly. It’s made multiple orgasms possible again, and I’m talking for in the span of 10 minutes. Hello, sex drive.


I have recently started to scour YouTube for more sex and sexuality-related content. These ladies are a delayed find, but I think I have a bit of crush on just how wonderful talking they are.

They are straight-talking, witty, and honestly – they’re a joy to watch.

New Fetishes

An obscure one, and deliberately so. Since I’ve awoken my sex drive again it’s gone into full throttle. My partner and I have started experimenting, and it’s so so much fun. So, I have to give a nod to trying something new! I might write more extensively on this soon, just got to see what my partner says!


Not strictly a recent favourite, but a favourite nonetheless (coincidently I am writing this wearing a ‘Stay Curious’ T-shirt right now). Dr Lindsey Doe breaks down so many subjects en sex, sexuality, kinks, fetishes, and more in an easy to digest, and friendly way. I can’t recommend the channel enough.

Only four this month’s April favourites, one of which was highly obscure. However, I can guarantee more favourites than this month’s April favourites next month; May marks the start of a new blogging schedule. Yes, you read that right, a blogging schedule. Random hospital stays permitting, I will be releasing a new review every single week. I am also going to start filming more for YouTube – if you didn’t know I started filming for there. So make sure you follow me on all forms of social media, keep an eye out, and as Dr. Doe would say, ‘stay curious’!

Do you have anything you’re loving this month, let me know in the comments below. 

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